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Illinois Radar


Storm Cell Attribute Table for Central Illinois (KILX) Radar

Storm Ident Az/Ran TVS
POSH POH Max Size VIL Max dBZ Height Top Fcst Mvmt EAS Warn
S3 143/75 NONE NONE 0 0 0.00 17 52 7.9 15.6 170/8
T3 141/85 NONE NONE 0 0 0.00 12 50 9.7 18.3 261/4
Storm Ident (About) Az/Ran (About) TVS (About) MESO (About) POSH (About) POH (About) Max Size (About) VIL (About) Max dBZ (About) Height (About) Top (About) Fcst Mvmt (About) EAS Warn (About)
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